Nuclear war could be started because of China’s reply to Trump On North Korea

As we can all see, North Korea is trying to test their missiles all the time, but our President, Donald Trump, did everything he could so that he can act nice towards this country as well as their leader, Kim Jong-un and the North Koreans. Unfortunately, his patience is starting to decrease. This country which is very secretive wants to threaten the USA and according to many people, Trump can actually respond violently since he’s provoked. Actually, he has been cool for a very long time and he acts even better than many of us initially thought.

On Sunday, the press released a statement where President Trump claims that he would probably stop all the trade with any country that still has some business with North Korea. President Trump is ready to do anything it takes just to stay away from war. This would also signify stopping trade with China, which is actually a pretty big move.

According to China, “What is definitely unacceptable to us is that on the one hand we work so hard to peacefully resolve this issue and on the other hand our interests are subject to sanctions and jeopardized.”

China wanted to respond because it is considered to be one of the countries that aligns themselves with North Korea. They are considered to be the only ally of the secretive country, but Trump doesn’t want to have any part in that whatsoever.

All of this surfaced when North Korea fired a nuclear missile successfully. It’s something greater than what they have already done in the past. According to many people, North Korea and their leader want to provoke war with the USA. It still remains unknown why they would want to start a war with a country like the USA.

In case Chine doesn’t agree to this, Trump would have no choice but to start acting defensively towards his country and protect it. It could even mean war at a nuclear level!

In reality, they only want to test Trump so that they could see how far can he go to deal with a threat like this. It’s their practice since he became a president. Unfortunately, it does not seem that they want to stop soon.

Trump has been very professional about this, but his patience has started to decrease now. North Korea actually has a lunatic leader. It’s up to President Trump to decide how to react next!

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